At Beulah Junior School, we believe that every child should have the right to a first-rate education.

681e319649112ce9c0a8239bde0c7f6f26c3b7e5_150x100_Q75We are committed to all our pupils achieving the highest standard in Maths and Literacy, however we also want to develop young people who are accomplished in many areas. To do this, we provide a stimulating well-balanced, curriculum that is carefully planned to reflect our multicultural, inclusive approach.

Every Child Matters

7e6f7f447c11c25c5bf7076007f9add06e322310_150x100_Q75When you look through our pages you will be able to meet our staff and obtain a flavour of the wide range of activities on offer in our school. We have tried to provide useful information and at the same time demonstrate the governor’s and teaching staff’s absolute commitment to providing the best education for all our children.  

Making the right choice

98d1278087f746f3e4e4f9abfb3aca68a552742e_150x100_Q75We know parents and carers think long and hard about which school is right for their child; we hope this website will help you to make the right choice. Thank you for your interest, Vivienne Luniak – Headteacher