Curriculum Map Year 3



3.1. Number Sense (3 weeks)

Pupils can explain and show how and when their counting is useful for adding and subtracting. They can make appropriate decisions about when to use their understanding of place value for solving problems, incl adding and subtracting.

3.2 Additive Reasoning (3 weeks)

Pupils can solve addition and subtraction problems in different contexts, choosing and using number facts, understanding of place value and counting.

3.4. Geometric Reasoning and Assessment (1 week)

Pupils can recognise properties of 2D shapes. Pupils can explain and show angle as a measure of turn and can draw, make and identify shapes with right angles.

ICT: We are Programmers

DT: Making Sandwiches

Year 3 Autumn 1


Animals, including humans:

Pupils can identify that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition, and that they cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat

Healthy Food


PE: Invasion games

French: Greetings, Name



  1. Shape Poetry (1 week)

Outcome: children will write a shape poem based on fruits.

  1. Instructions (3 weeks)


Children will write a set of instructions on how to make a sandwich. Children will use their personal experience  to write the text.

  1. Black History Fortnight (2 weeks)
  • Assessment Week (1 week)


Ancient Greece

Children will learnt about geographical features of modern Greece, Ancient Greek City States, Greek gods, theatre and architecture, daily life in Ancient Greek City States



Measurement(1 week)

Pupils will use the correct language for measures: lengths (mm/cm/m), mass (g/kg), volume/capacity (ml/l> they will also add and subtract simple measures.


Pupils will interpret and present data using bar charts, pictograms and tables

Multiplicative Reasoning(3 weeks)

Pupils can explain and represent multiplication as both repeated addition and scaling and division as both sharing and grouping. They use this understanding to derive facts and solve problems.

Fractions (1 Week)

Identifying unit fractions and equivalent fractions

Geometric Reasoning (1 week)

Pupils can make 3D shapes  using different materials, can recognise 3D shapes in different orientations and describe them.


Ancient Olympic Games

Children will learn about Ancient Olympic events. Children will investigate similarities and differences between the ancient and modern Games. Children will experience Ancient Olympic games and Greek feast and will write a diary entry describing their personal experience and using their historical knowledge.

Year 3 Autumn 2


Animals, including humans:

Pupils can identify that humans and some other animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement



Art & Design

Children will make their own Greek vases using clay. Children will draw  and paint owls of Athena  from observation



1.Myths & Legends Talk for writing (3 weeks)
Children will rehearse and learn the Greek Myth Thesus and the Minotaur and write their own myths at the end of the three weeks. They will learn about the elements of a story and how to plan a narrative.

2.Anti Bullying Diary Entry (1Week)

Children will learn about the features of a diary entry and empathise with a character’s feelings. They will write a diary entry related to anti-bullying at the end of the week

3. Poetry (1 Week)

Children will create a humorous poetry and perform it

4. Letters(1 Week)

Children will learn about the features of a letter. f

5.Cross Curriculum Writing

ICT: Basic skills in MS Office.

RE: Christianity

French: Numbers to 10, Age

Visitors: Greek workshop with Portals to The Past, Visit to a church

PE: Dance