Pupil Premium 2017-18

Pupil Premium Grant £112000+                        Total Expenditure £122,700
Provision  Target Group  New/ Continued Initiative Summary 
The main areas for expenditure 2016-2017 are listed below:       
Continued provision of effective intervention programmes In Years 3 4 &5 Continue To  raise standards in maths and literacy delivered by TAs small group  1:4 max
Provision of after- school activities In Years 3,4,5 and 6: enabling effective access to homework Continue Support children to make progress and support small group learning. Purchase of new researched ICT programme Education City
Provision of a specialist Maths teacher 0.4 In year 3,4,5,6,   To deliver intervention to narrow gaps in attainment for targeted groups and individuals including SEN  and other vulnerable groups
Provision of an expert literacy teacher 0.4 Identified pupils in Year 4,5 &6 underachieving weekly session new To deliver small group and  individual to work with identified SEN pupils  to provide catch up support and challenge
Provision of support for individual to enable access  to enrichment activities Pupils in year 3 4 5 & 6   Continue & increase by   week To ensure that identified pupils and groups are included in extra-curricular and extended day  activities. To enrich the existing curriculum through access to workshops and educational visits
Provision of  an effective counselling service Individual pupils with social emotional needs that present a barrier to learning Increase from 0.4 to 0.6 per week To ensure pupils receive 1:1 support on 12 or 6 week programmes of 30 minute session. Counsellor to provide  follow-up to class teacher to include family counselling/ social skills sessions where appropriate 
provision of Easter booster for pupils in Year 6 Small group teaching by class teachers for 3 days  Continue To provide for targeted pupils to secure acceleration to meet national expectations at the end of KS2
provision of booster sessions  in Year 6 Small group teaching (1hour x10) by class teachers on a weekly basis for 18 weeks Continue To provide for targeted pupils to secure acceleration towards meeting national expectations for progress and attainment  in year 4,5,and 6
£14000 booster resources
Provision of Maths resources across the school Pupils at early morning work; Class teachers and pupils in maths session Continue Maths resources across the school to support basic skill work addressed each morning to promote VAK learning  and enhance independent work leading to good progress. Purchase of new maths scheme after research
Further resource the school library Pupils targeted groups  boys  EAL pupils new  
Year 6 SATs evening resources Parents, carers pupils families   Provision of  information and    resources  in an Autumn term meeting to secure support of parents and  provide a range of resources that will  to aid  progress
To develop the role of the SALT TA Pupils in year 3 4 5 receive in class and small group    support Full time to ensure that pupils  are able to break down the social, cultural and  linguistic barriers that hinder their progress