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Beulah Junior School Brochure

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Our School Community

Beulah Junior School is maintained by the London Borough of Croydon, with a school roll of approximately 360 children from 7-11 years old.

The wealth of languages and cultures within our school is acknowledged as an advantage, which we can all share and learn from, thus fostering a healthy approach to our own attitudes.

Through this we aim to foster recognition of the needs of others (not only in school but also within our community), engendering tolerance, mutual understanding, and the ability and willingness to make a positive contribution to the school.

The ethos of Beulah Junior School is as a result based on mutual respect, care and consideration for others.  From the beginning we aim to develop a moral code of conduct and sense of conscience in each child. We see our school as a community in which all who work here are valued as individuals and are provided with opportunities for personal growth and development, which should also lead to an appreciation of our wider community.

We aim to provide a caring and structured environment within which individual talents and abilities will be fully developed and where discipline is a constructive aid to learning. Therefore, our mission statement is that Beulah Junior School will promote positive relationships throughout the school by creating an atmosphere of harmony and co-operation. This positive ethos will place emphasis on praise and reward rather than punishment and critical control, thus encouraging pupils to develop the self-control and good behaviour required to achieve the quality of learning needed in today’s changing world.  The school operates a reward system based on the sharing of work in the school, with parents, and the use of gold stars and certificates.

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Core Values

We speak to our pupils about their behaviour and about our school standards in terms of Our Core Values. We have five core values they are Success, Unity, Pride, Enjoyment and Respect: S-U-P-E-R.

Our values are displayed in and around our school and are an integral part of our learning habits and daily conversation with pupils. Pupils are praised for their success in all aspects of school life. They are encouraged to show unity towards their peers so that learning is of a high standard and play is appropriate and safe. In our weekly celebration assemblies, pupils inspired to persevere and achieve. We teach them to take pride in our school, their work and our collective achievements. At Beulah, we are determined to make our lessons exciting and stimulating so that all pupils can enjoy their learning .We believe it is important for all pupils to show tolerance and consideration for others when they are learning. We know that good learning comes when children listen to, cooperate and share with all those around them and that is why we insist on respect for everyone.

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Early Morning Work

All adults are concerned with the progress of every child in this school. We are committed to planning good lessons and providing high quality resources so that pupils achieve their full potential. Our aim is to make sure that each individual leaves this school as happy competent learners and accomplished individuals.

We believe that the first few minutes of the school day are very important in setting the mood for the rest of the day. We want children to start each morning efficiently. We give them work to do that will help them to practise and build on important skills. We think that a brisk and focused daily start will lead to good progress.

Parents and carers are most welcome to come in to class to support pupils for the first 10-15 minutes of every day. Our children always like to show an adult their achievements and explain their work. Parental involvement often helps pupils to settle in calmly and gives parents a good view of the work the school is doing. Sometimes there is the opportunity to talk briefly with the class teacher about your child’s work.

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In English and Mathematics we follow the National Literacy and Numeracy strategies which are now combined as the National Curriculum.

We are a Key Stage 2 school teaching children aged 7-11-within Year groups 3 – 6.

The subjects taught are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  •  Science
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • History
  • Geograph
  • Art & Design
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Personal Social & Health Education
  • Design Technology

Religious Education does not form part of the National Curriculum, but is taught following the Agreed Syllabus produced for all Croydon Schools.

A scheme of work and curriculum map for each year group are written termly.  Copies are available to all parents/carers on the school website and from the school office on request.

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Extra-Curricular Activities and Clubs

Various members of staff give freely of their own time during lunch breaks, or after school to run a variety of activities including: Chess, ICT, Art, Music, Football, Basketball

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Physical Education

P E includes all areas of physical development – movement. Gymnastics, Games, Dance, Athletics, Outdoor activities and Swimming

It is important, for both safety and hygiene reasons that children change into a P.E. kit which comprises of

  • black shorts
  • White T-shirt
  • plimsolls (not trainers)
  • a blue PE Bag (which must be clearly labelled)

For safety reasons – wrist watches and stud earrings MUST be removed and given to the class teacher for safe keeping.  Other types of jewellery e.g. necklaces, bracelets, etc. are not allowed in school.  Similarly, at no time are children allowed to wear long trousers or tights for P.E. Lessons unless specifically requested by parents. Girls are allowed to wear leggings at the class teacher’s discretion.

Gymnastics and Dance: These take place in the school halls and children may be requested to undertake the lesson barefoot.

Swimming – These lessons are held at Thornton Heath Leisure Centre, where the children are taught by qualified instructors.

General Participation in Sports.

Beulah Junior School participates, whenever possible, in the respective leagues for football and netball.  We also take part in the Borough’s swimming gala.

We hold a whole school sports event towards the end of the Summer Term.  Every child is encouraged to take part in this event.

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Special Educational Needs Provision

Governors and staff at Beulah Junior School believe that as far as possible all children have a right of equal access to an education within a mainstream school environment. We understand and accept that the great majority of children will have individual needs at some time during their school career. This applies to all pupils of all abilities, ranging from the less able to those of high ability. The school employs additional teaching staff to support pupils with Special Needs.

Procedures are in place to ensure that children’s particular needs are met.

A range of assessment strategies are used, and parents are centrally involved in the process and kept fully informed. Support for children usually comes from within the school’s own resources, but where appropriate, may be provided by outside agencies.

An Inclusion Manager has responsibility for all the work in this area. There is also a governor with responsibility for Special Educational Needs provision, and Governors annually report on this.

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Pupils with English as a Second Language

Bilingual pupils with English as their second language are supported to participate fully in the mainstream curriculum.  English as an Additional Language (E.A.L.) teachers will work alongside pupils in lessons and also prepare suitable material to support their language development.

Pupils are only withdrawn from lessons for specialist help when this is considered best suited to their individual needs.

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Homework is important as a means of developing an effective partnership between school and parents, for extending, consolidating and reinforcing skills, and for encouraging independence and self-discipline. However we believe that in the primary years, homework should not be intrusive and that children should be given time to relax.

Some of our homework is accessed through our school website.  Children are given opportunity to complete their homework in our supervised homework clubs.

Regular reading and the learning of tables and number bonds at home is important and all children will be given Literacy and Maths work on a regular basis.  A lot of Literacy homework is achieved through the completion of half-termly projects. The amount and frequency of the work increases as the child progresses through the school.  

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School Visits

There are considerable opportunities offered to children at Beulah Junior School to go on school visits.  Each year group makes at least one half-day or full-day visit each term to museums, field study centres and other places of interest relating to the topic being studied for that specific term.

Year 6 children have the opportunity to go on a residential field study trip of approximately 5 day’s duration.

Thorough risk assessments are always carried out for each organised educational visit.

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School and Parent Partnership

At Beulah Junior School, we value our contact with parents, and believe that close liaison between home and school is in the best interests of each pupil. Therefore, we wish to be informed, either by telephone or through a personal visit, of any worries or problems either you or your child may have. It would be helpful if an appointment could be made so that we can ensure that the appropriate people are available to see you. If however, something does occur which cannot wait, then please contact us immediately.

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Parental Help

Some parents are able to offer regular, or occasional help throughout the school, particularly during our set ‘Reading Time’. Help is always appreciated and such voluntary help is always welcome. You don’t have to be an expert! If you do have a particular talent for cooking, sewing, art, etc., why not come along and share it with us.

Please see our code of Conduct for Parents and Carers for more information about the governors’ expectation for appropriate models of behaviour with adults and pupils in and around our school.
In the interest of your child’s safety, parents are asked to refrain from parking, or dropping off their child near the main school gate, on the yellow zigzag lines, close to the zebra crossing, near to the entrance of, or in the staff car park.

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Keeping Parents Informed of Child’s Progress

Two Parents’ Evenings are held during the year to which both parents and pupils are invited.  Appointments are made with your child’s class teacher to discuss progress and behaviour.

The first meeting in the Autumn Term is for parents and teachers to get to know each other and share information about the child. The second meeting in the Spring Term is intended for discussion of progress in all areas of school life.

During the second half of the Summer Term, a written report is completed for each child, and sent home.  Parents are requested to sign a confirmation form to indicate that the report has been received, and there is a form for any comments they may wish to make.

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Parents of registered pupils are entitled to inspect, or receive a copy of their child’s educational record within 15 school days of the receipt of a written request to the Headteacher from the parent. Requests of copies of records will be charged at the cost of supplying the photocopy.

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Meeting Parents of New Children

A meeting is held in the Summer Term to which parents of new entrants for that September are invited. If you are new to the area, please make an appointment to see the Headteacher to visit the school and have a look around.


We send out newsletters to parents throughout the year informing them of specific school events and any changes taking place.

Behaviour and Discipline

A copy of the school behaviour policy is available from the school office.

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The school encourages good punctuality and monitors every pupil’s time keeping.  If your child is late then this is disruptive to the class, and school organisation, but more importantly, upsetting for your child.  If your child is continually late you will be contacted by the Attendance Officer.   If children are late, they must report to the Office.

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Our School Day

There is a member of staff on duty in back and front playgrounds from 8.45am when our school day begins.

(Children should come into the classroom at 8.45 am for early morning basic skills)

8.45 am                           Early morning basic skills

8.55 am                           The school day begins

9.00 am                           Lesson 1

10.00 – 11.00 am             Lesson 2 followed by Accuracy

11.00 – 11.15 am             Morning Break

11.15 – 11.35 am             Reading Time

11.35 – 12.35 pm             Lesson 3

12.45 – 1.45 pm               Lunch

1.45   – 3.10 pm               Lesson 4

Assembly will be at 10.45 am and at 1.45 pm on Friday

School finishes at 3.15 pm.  Children collected later than

3.30 pm will incur a late charge of £5.00

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Parents are asked to notify school by telephone before 9.30 a.m. on the first day of absence, giving the reason for the absence. If a child is absent without explanation we will call parents to ensure the safety of each child.

If a child is to receive medical or dental treatment, please tell us in advance. During school time, a responsible adult must collect the child from school to attend these appointments. Children will not be sent out from school unaccompanied.

The school does not authorise term time holidays.

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Valuables in school

The only jewellery which is allowed in school is a watch, or stud earrings. This is purely for safety reasons. Any money, which a child brings to school, must be given to the class teacher for safe keeping at the beginning of the day.  Mobile phones must only be brought to school in exceptional circumstances a permission letter will need to be completed (available from the office) the school accepts no liability for the loss/damage of personal mobile phones.

Please see the school’s mobile phone policy.


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School Meals

Our School meals are cooked on site, sharing the dining room facility with the Infant and Nursery School.

School meals are paid for in advance through the Parent Pay website or pay point card.  Details are available from the school office.  School meals cost £2.10 per day.

If your child has any special dietary needs, including religious diets, please let us know,

If you prefer your child to have a packed lunch, facilities are available these lunches should be packed in named boxes, not a plastic bag. The children are not allowed to throw away left over food, but are expected to return it in the box in order that parents can see what wastage has occurred.  Please do not pack drinks in glass bottles or cans.  Flasks of soup may be brought for packed lunch in cold weather.

Morning Break

Children are allowed to bring a piece of fruit or healthy cereal bar for break time. No sweets, chocolate bars or chewing gum are allowed in school.

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School Uniform

At Beulah Junior School we have always been very proud of the appearance and conduct of the majority of our pupils both in school and outside. Our aim is that children should appear neat and tidy, take pride in their appearance, and dress in a style that is appropriate for their work at school.

It is also our aim to discourage unnecessary and expensive competition in matters of appearance, thus avoiding pressures, or an extra expense for parents. We therefore ask all parents to support us by keeping to the prescribed Beulah Junior School uniform. A detailed list of uniform can be found on the following pages, available at Bubble Gum Uniform shop on Thornton Heath High Street.

Jeans, cord trousers and trainers are not permitted at any time.

It is a good idea for each child to have an old shirt or apron etc. for use as an art overall to protect their clothes in art or craft work This should be kept in school so that it is always available for messy tasks.

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·    grey/black trousers

·    school sweatshirt

·    red fleeces

·    white polo shirt

·    Black or Brown sensible shoes

·    (no trainers)


(as for winter)

·  grey/navy short trousers



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·         school sweatshirt

·         red fleeces

·         navy blue/grey skirt

·         navy/grey pinafore dress

·         navy, grey or red tights

·         white/black/grey socks

·        black/grey trousers

·        white polo shirt

·        Black or Brown sensible shoes

·        (no trainers)

·        red cardigans




(as for winter)


·         blue or red and white checked/ striped dress




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Term, holiday and closure dates – 2016/17

First day of term 7th September (5/6thSeptember Training Days)
Last day of term Friday 21st October
Half-term break Monday 24th to Friday 28th October
Re-open Monday 31st October
Last day of term Wednesday 21st December

First day of term Wednesday 4th January (3rd Staff Training Day)
Last day of term Friday 10th February
Half-term break Monday 13th February to Friday 17th February
Re-open Monday 20th February
Last day of term Friday 31st March

First day of term Tuesday 18th April
Closed for one day Monday 1stMay (Bank Holiday)
Last day of term Friday 26th May
Half-term break Monday 30th May to Friday 2nd June
Re-open Monday 5th June
Closed for one day Friday 23rdJune (Staff Training Day)
Last day of term Thursday 20th July (21stJuly Staff Training Day)

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Transfer to Secondary School

In Croydon, children complete their primary education when they are between 10 and 11 years of age. Year 6 is the final year of primary school, the end of Key Stage 2. Their next phase of education, Key Stage 3 and 4 take place in secondary school, where they will enter as Year 7.

The prospectus will be available online from August, where you will be able to download the free e-edition of the prospectus at

This will show:

      • lists of secondary schools and colleges
      • secondary school open days/evenings (many schools have separate application forms that have to be obtained at the open evening).
      • descriptions of types of schools
      • methods of allocation of places
      • waiting lists/appeals procedure
      • questions and answers


If you have any queries regarding Secondary Transfer then either contact the Headteacher, or Croydon Council – 0208 726 6400 Secondary Admissions.

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The prospectus will be available online from August, where you will be able to download the free e-edition at This will show:

      • lists of secondary schools and colleges
      • system of transfer
      • secondary school Open Days/Evenings
      • descriptions of types of schools
      • methods of allocation of places
      • waiting lists/appeals procedure
      • questions and answers