Pupil Premium 2014-15

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Allocation: £225,000      Expenditure: £218,700

The main areas for expenditure 2014-2015 are listed below:  Target Group  New/ Continued Initiative Summary  Impact 
The Provision of a Specialist Teacher Year 3 pupils underachieving group Continue 0.4 per week to work with groups and individuals in the area of maths and literacy small groups sessions Writing boys made 3+ point of progress in their assessment since Autumn  Maths Boys made 4+ points of progress  this yr 
Continued Provision of Effective Intervention Programmes In Years 3,4 &5 Continue that will drive up standards in maths  and literacy delivered by TAs small group  1:4 max Interventions organised to include the range of abilities and year groups.  Attainment and progress data confirms pupils in all year groups have demonstrated  good  average achievement 
Provision of After School Activities In Years 3,4,5 and 6: enabling effective access to homework Continue support children to make progress and support small group learning Homework clubs regularly attended and participants have engaged positively with completion of homework and deadlines
Provision and Maintenance of a Reading Programme Years 3,4,5, and 6 pupils identified to be in need of catch-up work Continue and extend targets and supports identified groups to make accelerated progress and to national  expectations Reading  Y3 Girls made  an average 4+ points of progress from their Autumn assessment in  Y4 girls 33% on track to exceed ARE;  boys made 3.8+ points of progress this yr 
Provision of Appropriate and High Quality Resources Reading resources to provide continuity and writing resources for pupils in year 3 (Rapid Reading & Writing) Continue to stimulate and support identified groups to make accelerated progress and to national  expectations  Outcomes positive and gap narrowing for many groups as shown in end of year assessment data. Children moving through stages in line with targets that were set. Many individual pupils exceeding targets. 
The Provision of an Expert Literacy Teacher Identified pupils in Year 4 underachieving weekly session to provide catch up new to deliver small group and  individual to work with identified SEN pupils All pupils made more than 3pts progress in writing; 87%  girls on track for L4 13% on track for L5 SEN pupils made good progress 3+ pts and 81% on track for L4 in reading
Maintain and Develop The Role of the Learning Mentor Pupils in year 3 4 receive in class support and pupils in year 5 develop social skill through group  work 5 Continue an increase by   0.1per week to ensure that pupils and families  are able to break through the social and behaviour barriers that hinder progress in learning Pupils social and emotional needs addressed through informal support, structured sessions and in-class sessions 
Provision of  an Effective Counselling Service Pupils receive 1:1 support on 12 or 6 week programmes of 30 minute session  follow up to class teacher to include family counselling where appropriate  resources Increase from 0.4 to 0.6 per week ensure that social and emotional needs of specific groups of pupils are met 26 children accessed service, 12 individual cases 10 cases closed. 95% non-exclusion rate year 6 combined 60% of Y6 pupils achieved in line with National expectations at the end of KS2 and 20% exceeded expectations
Provision of Effective EAL Support In class and small group support to accelerate English language acquisition in years 3 -6 Continued and increased with +1 FT TA to address the needs and narrow the gap for EAL/PPG pupils Mixed ability support for pupils at ‘threshold’ level of learning  has been effectively organised on a school-wide basis. Achievement of EAL pupils shows accelerated progress particularly in year 6 and in area of Maths across the school
Provision of Support For Parents in Year 6 Autumn 1:1 conferencing for pupils and parents  supplemented with resources and suggested progs of wk and follow up  monitoring by individual class teachers Continue to develop their ability to support their children to make good progress in Maths and English Parents event well attended and  materials distributed to all identified pupils leading to an increase in attainment in Maths and English
Provision of Easter Booster for Pupils in Year 6   Continue for targeted pupils identified for acceleration to meet national expectations – L4 95% attendance pupil premium children’s attainment at end of KS2 is  in line with cohort
Provision of Booster Sessions  in Year 6   Continue for targeted pupils identified for acceleration to meet national expectations for progress  in year 4,5 and 6 Pupils attendance monitored; weekly groups well received by parents and pupils end of KS2 results show achievement in line with cohort
Provision of Maths Resources Across the School Maths resources across the school to support basic skill work addressed each morning   to promote VAK learning  and enhance independent work leading to good progress Resources purchased distributes and used effectively to achieve improved results across all year groups in end of year results
Year 6 SATs Evening Resources Provision of information to families at meeting held in the Autumn term and supplemented by distribution of resources targeted to promote improvement in attainment   to secure support of parents and  provide a range of resources that will  to aid  progress Resources used well by all pupils  parents engage with school about work meetings well attended eventual outcomes for year 6 show very good progress 99.7% value added
Provision of  1:1 /Small Group Support for Identified Groups of Pupils Across the School to  Enhance Learning     to accelerate learning for focus pupils Afternoon sml grp  support,  in-class  and conference support in year 6 has enabled PPG pupils to achieve in line with their  non- PPG peers
Provision of ICT Equipment To enable pupils access to digital equipment and to aid EAL, cross-curricular work including computing New to promote independent learning access to the curriculum and allow children to work at an accelerated pace ICT equipment effectively used by PPG pupils alongside their non- PPG counterparts
To Develop Reading Through Training in and Implementation of Power of Reading Scheme To motivate pupils and develop a range of skills  (including comprehension) required for effective engagement with a texts New   Writing focus in upper school was successfully delivered and well received, stimulating good outcome. Attainment in year 5&6 in writing: 79% at National level at end of KS2 and progress v good; data shows yr 5 pupil premium chn achieve in line or better  than other groups 
To  Train Teachers in, and Implement, Maths Challenge Lesson Study To develop evaluative maths teaching  to secure good practice in upper KS2 New   Lesson study completed successfully trained teacher able to deliver at national conference; pupils benefit from in-depth work on reasoning which is subsequently rolled out to all year groups (2015/16)