core values

We have five Core Values: SUCCESS – UNITY- PRIDE – ENJOYMENT- RESPECTand they are an important part of our life at Beulah.

We inspire children to think about them in the classroom, in the playground, in the dining hall and all around our school.



We speak to our pupils about their behaviour and about our school standards in terms of Our Core Values. We have five core values they are Success, Unity, Pride, Enjoyment and Respect: S-U-P-E-R.

Our values are displayed in and around our school and are an integral part of our learning habits and daily conversation with pupils. Pupils are praised for their success in all aspects of school life. They are encouraged to show unity towards their peers so that learning is of a high standard and play is appropriate and safe. In our weekly celebration assemblies, pupils are inspired to persevere and achieve.

We teach them to take pride in our school, their work and our collective achievements. At Beulah, we are determined to make our lessons exciting and stimulating so that all pupils can enjoy their learning. We believe it is important for all pupils to show tolerance and consideration for others when they are learning. We know that good learning comes when children listen to, cooperate and share with all those around them and that is why we insist on respect for everyone.

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We constantly remind children that they can be successful in their work and inspire them to always do their best. Children can also be successful in their relationships and with their behaviour. 


Our children are encouraged to think of others whilst they are working and playing. We ask them to show unity by sharing and supporting each other.


We like children to take pride in all aspects of school life and especially in themselves. To this end, we ask them to look after their surroundings and we regularly celebrate the good work they do.


Our aim is to provide the stimulation for them to enjoy their work and learn from it. The children are asked to remember that we want every child to enjoy every day at Beulah.


This is an important value for all our children to have and they are consistently guided in how best to show respect to adults and their peers in work, at play and around the school.