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Information technology and Computing at Beulah Juniors

At Beulah Junior School we aim to enable children to gain the confidence and capability to use Information Technology and Computing in everyday life; as a result they will become computer literate.

The school has a computer suite with at least one computer per child for class lessons. In addition, each class has 6 tablet devices which means that a group of children can use them at once. Information technology also facilitates children using a range of equipment such as cameras, visualizers, recording and sound equipment.

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Computers and other technological aids are used throughout the school. ICT skills are taught as a discrete subject in order to teach skills and these are then used as a means of supporting other areas of the curriculum. Each week each class has an hour lessons in the ICT suite this is usually when discrete skills are taught. Every other week each class has an additional lesson and this is used for other curriculum subject work.

┬áSince the curriculum changed in 2014, we have introduced a range of new platforms for the children to learn new skills such as: Blogging, Scratch, Movie Makers and many more. Our curriculum follows the ‘Purple Mash’ scheme for the development of computing skills.

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Useful websites

2014 ICT National Curriculum

A breakdown 2014 ICT Curriculum