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Maths at Beulah Juniors

Maths is taught as a discrete subject but links are made with the pupil’s curriculum topics where appropriate. Currently our maths curriculum covers Number and Place Value, Calculating, Fractions, Statistics, Measurement and Geometry. We base our curriculum around ‘Abacus’ maths, to ensure coverage of the curriculum at age appropriate levels. An assessment system of targets supports this.

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Our children are taught through a mixture of written and practical experiences to ensure that what they are learning has as much of a real life context as possible. We aim to enable a child to develop a positive confident attitude to mathematics, encouraging an ability to think clearly and logically, and develop an understanding of mathematics through the formation of secure concepts based on:

  • Appropriate practical activities.
  • The process of enquiry and investigation.
  • Mathematical skills and knowledge and a quick recall of basic facts.
  • An ability to identify patterns and relationships in mathematics.
  • An awareness of the uses and applications of mathematics in everyday situations.
  • The ability to express ideas concisely using accurate mathematical language.
  • The ability to select and use a range of mathematical tools.
  • An enjoyment of mathematics for its own sake.

Every maths lesson includes a mental maths element, ensuring that the pupils are developing their independent maths skills in an interactive, engaging way. Mental Maths is an important focus for us at BJS and children have their own mental maths books which they work on three times a week, using each other to discuss strategies and ideas. Each book is designed to suit the child’s level of understanding and supports them in moving on in their mental agility.

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Every child’s learning is supported in lessons in a variety of ways. Teachers plan for the individual needs of their pupils and ensure that they’re working at the appropriate level. The school has recently acquired a large variety of resources including Numicon to support pupils in visualising and understanding problems. Our aim is for every child to be independent in how they approach problems and in choosing resources to support them in doing so.

We strive to create interesting and varied opportunities for children to practice their mathematical skills. These have included an Enterprise week where children budgeted, designed, made and sold their own products at a Christmas fair. We’ve also held maths trails, parent workshops and family learning groups based on maths. These have always been very popular with parents and pupils alike.

Where children need additional support this is offered in a variety of small group experiences which support and further the work done in class.


Every child has their own targets set through the Number Star system which begins by focussing on basic number facts and gradually builds on these as the child moves through the ‘Stars’. These have been updated to match the new curriculum and are being used across years 3-5.

Times Tables

All children should know time tables up to 12×12 by the end of year 4. Ongoing assessment supports this aim and we encourage parents to help by regularly quizzing their child.