Pupil Premium 2015-16

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Allocation: £218,000+                                     Expenditure: £214,200
Provision Target New Continued Initiative Summary Impact
Easter School Before and after school boosters To provide appropriately for pupils in years 5,&6 Continued To narrow the gap in attainment and progress of all years and at the end of KS2 Easter school provided continuity during break. 95% of pupils invited, attended. Results were an improvement on previous year.
Update and improve Maths resources For use in T&L  programme across  the school  New To engage pupils  to provide increased motivation to enable good progress Maths resources in use and contributing to improved and more practical methods 
To provide Maths workshops  for year 3 and 4  To provide for parents and pupils  New To develop systems and  strategies to support their children with  homework This strategy was not successful due to poor attendeance. Funding /resources carried over
Continued provision of effective Maths and Literacy intervention programmes In Years 3,4 &5 Continue that will drive up standards in maths  and literacy delivered by TAs x 8 small group  1:4 max Interventions organised to include the range of abilities and year groups.  Attainment and progress data confirms pupils in all year groups have on.0 average demonstrated  good  achievement 
To deliver and provide resources for a Year 6 parents evening  To provide for pupils and parents  Continued provision of information and resources for Maths and English SATS   Parents well informed and adequately resourced. However this might continue in a revised form as CTs question whether resources are being used to best advantage by target pupils 
To provide an After School Homework Club x5 per week Provide pupils with opportunity to access homework online New Provide professional support for children to complete their Maths and Lit homework  Home work clubs well attended. ICT and classroom based supervised clubs parents feedback indicates it is supportive to and  enjoyed by chn
To provide a writing Conferencing Class teacher Year 3,4,5 & 6 pupils in small groups New Improve writing of pupils in order to narrow the gap in attainment  CTs appreciated this time and chn benefited from sml grp work. Not financially viable however.Diff to separate impact of this partic. strategy
Employ a 1:2  Maths  teacher  To provide for  pupils in need of catch up new To improve attainment of target groups Catch-up works very well. Chn results indicate improvement methods of support v clear for TAs who are delivering
Employ a School Counsellor 0.6 To work with identified pupils and their and families Continued To give pupils  coping strategies remove barriers to learning in class Evaluations from parents CTs and pupils very positive behavior well managed by school this yr. Low exclusion no.s
Employ Additional Reading TA x2 1:1/1:2 provision for identified pupils (in Years 3/4/5) New Catch-up reading strategy those new to school to make adequate progress Catch-up reading With Rapid Reading well organized. Tracking in dicates good progress by target pupils 
Employ full time specialist TA to deliver sessions for More Able Pupils teaching in year 6, 5 & 4  Support differentiated groups to make progress targeting under-attaining groups  New To enable all pupils including supporting MA/G&T pupils to achieve in line with expectations) MAP and Dyslexic pupils receive focused support. Philosophy clubs well-received. High numbers in attendance and 70-75% sustained  attendance.  
Employ intervention specialist for Years 3/4/5 Support differentiated groups to make progress in aspects of literacy  Continued and extend Catch-up strategy for those new to school to make good or better progress Interventions well organized – delivered in frequent and timely manner. End of year results show these groups of pupils performing broadly in line with the rest of the cohort. 
To   refurbish, re- organise , resource and re-launch library for use by all pupils all pupils Ever 6 FSM across the year 3-6 New Vary and improve pupils’ reading habits provision of a range of materials activities leading to  improved results at end of KS2 Library reports very positive. Chns enthusiastic about new stock look and improved access.  Monitoring shows  numbers taking books out has doubled and tripled on last year
New reading scheme to promote and increase home engagement pupils home reading across the school £12000 to promote and increase home engagement with reading  New To improve attainment and progress in reading for groups of pupils in all year groups Scheme introduced Spring term – well received. It links have secured improvement parents fdbk positive. Monitoring shows much improved pupil engagement school wants to improve this even further 
Reading workshop for parents + reading resources:  To familiarise lower school parents with strategies and school with info on reading habits. To encourage interaction with school and pupils New Provide reading resources for classrooms and organize and deliver reading challenge  Well-attended and well-received. Parents who attended felt they knew what children were tasked to do both in school and especially at home Attendance: approx. 20% of  cohort
Transition Workshop in Year 3:  to enable smooth transition provide continuity and minimise ‘summer lag’ Continued Inform parents and school of pupils present abilities and end and provide summer reading material  Informed CT of pupil abilities and attainment for next yr – outcome successful. Will be continued 
Provide specialist work areas for intervention work pupils  Establish working routines and expectations that will support progress for FSM/vulnerable New  Create conditions that will enable to improved attainment and results  Work areas have facilitated organized and productive work with chn the majority of whom have made  good and better progress