Pupil Premium 2016-17

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Allocation: £199,000 +                Expenditure: £206,000
Provision  Target Group  New/ Continued Initiative Summary  Evaluation
The main areas for expenditure 2015-2016 are listed below:         
Provision of a Specialist Teacher x2 Year 3, 4 and 5 pupils underachieving group Continue 0.4 per week to work with groups and individuals in the area of maths and literacy small groups sessions Small group intervention has proved effective for securing pupil progress in maths and literacy. Sch. will continue 
Continued provision of effective intervention programmes In Years 3,4 &5 Continue that will drive up standards in maths  and literacy delivered by TAs small group  1:4 max Maths and Lit Intervention to continue in order to narrow gap for identified groups: SEN FSM SEMH
Provision of After- School Activities In Years 3,4,5 and 6: enabling effective access to homework Continue support children to make progress and support small group learning Homework and ICT clubs took place. The latter is well attended pupil engagement with homework is  high as a results and it is anticipate it will continue
Provision and Delivery of a Reading Programme Years 3,4,5, and 6 pupils identified to be in need of catch-up work Continue and extend targets and supports identified groups to make accelerated progress and to meet national  expectations Outcomes positive and gap narrowing as detailed in end of year assessment data. Children moving through stages in line with targets set. Many individual pupils exceeding targets
Provision of Appropriate and High Quality Reading Resources Reading resources to provide continuity and writing resources for pupils in year 3 (Rapid Reading & Writing) Continue to stimulate and support Adequate materials purchased and organised that are appropriate to pupils levels and need.
Provision of an Expert Literacy Teacher Identified pupils in Year 4 5 & 6 underachieving weekly session to provide catch up new to deliver small group and  individual to work with identified SEN pupils Feedback from staff and pupil results indicate this work  is effective for chn with specific needs in reading writing Also a good resource for  strengthening  CTs spec rdg strategies  through INSET advice etc.
Provision of Support for Individuals to Enable Access  to Enrichment Activities Pupils in year 3 4 5 & 6  Continue and increase by   week to ensure that identified pupils and groups  included in extra-curricular and extended day  activities Participation in outing and events organised by the school was secured no pupil left out due to finances on day trips pupils also funded for more costly events
Provision of  an Effective Counselling Service Individual pupils with social emotional needs that present a barrier to learning Increase from 0.4 to 0.6 per week Pupils receive 1:1 support on 12 or 6 week programmes of 30 minute session. Counsellor provides  follow up to class teacher to include family counselling where appropriate  The analysis of the service  which include feedback from staff parents and pupils referred  is that it is a positive strategy  in supporting children to overcome barriers to learning
Provision of Effective EAL Support In class and small group support in years 3 -6 Continued and increased with +1 FT TA (i.e. EAL team of 3) to address the needs and narrow the gap for EAL/PPG pupils at all staged of lang. acquisition Team is effective in supporting pupils particularly those in first stages of language acquisition. During 2015-16, approx 22 pupils new intake at 1st/2nd stage of lang acquisition
Provision of Support for Parents in Year 6 Yr 6 meeting for pupils and parents  supplemented with resources and suggested progs of work and follow up  monitoring by individual class teachers Continue to develop their ability to support their children to make good progress in Maths and English One to one meetings were positive at the time but follow up work was hard to track and maintain. School will divert attention to pupils themselves in future. Contact with parents will be on an individual needs-based  system,  after progress analysis
Provision of Easter booster for pupils in Year 6 Small group teaching by class teachers for 3 days  Continue for targeted pupils identified for acceleration to meet national expectations – L4 Analysis by teachers was that ESch  provided necessary continuity at crucial time. Children engagement high  feedback from them was that they obtained  valuable last minute input 
provision of booster sessions  in Year 6 Small group teaching (1hour x10) by class teachers on a weekly basis for 18 weeks Continue for targeted pupils identified for acceleration to meet national expectations for progress  in year 4,5,and 6 These are consistent   sessions and clear focus for pupils. Writing booster it was difficult to correlate with classwork; reading booster: materials will be reviewed for 2016-17.  Maths end of KS2  results in line with National Expectations, proved  this booster was positive.
Provision of Maths resources across the school Pupils at early morning work; Class teachers and pupils in maths session Continue Maths resources across the school to support basic skill work addressed each morning to promote VAK learning  and enhance independent work leading to good progress Basic skills results show that children are benefitting from initiative and parent/ pupil engagement indicates  popularity of activity. Children are making good progress with number star. 
Provision of  outdoor furniture in back playground for use during lessons and  enrichment activities at play time Year 3 and 4 pupils   To increase opportunities for learning outdoor activities Playtimes calmer a wider range of inclusive  activities on offer. Children more independent in monitoring and  using specific areas at playtime 
Year 6 SATs evening resources Parents, carers pupils families   Provision of  information and    resources  in an Autumn term meeting to secure support of parents and  provide a range of resources that will  to aid  progress Parents informed re: targets and strategies for support. Resources and supporting material distributed. But impact of mtg  and value for money  difficult to determine   
Provision of  1:1 /small group support for identified groups of pupils across the school to  enhance learning Individuals and groups of identified pupils according to their needs   to accelerate learning for focus pupils that are vulnerable at risk  in need of catch-up Reading groups and handwriting groups supported children in year 4 5 and 6 especially 
provision of ICT equipment Pupils of all abilities and stages of learning  across the school Continue  and extend to promote independent learning access to digital equipment and to aid EAL, cross-curricular work Tablets for  pupils ICT development in lit and maths  laptops for TAs during invtn; tablets have proved an invaluable resource in Bug Club reading initiative
To develop reading through training in and implementation of Bug Club reading  scheme Pupils within the broad  range of reading ability across the school New To motivate pupils and develop a range  of reading skills  (including comprehension) to improve home engagement and paretnal involvement Bug club introduced Dec 15 ;  evaluated reviewed Sept 16 and improved Jan 16. Approval from consultants Dec 16 and  Jan 17
To  train teachers in and implement Maths Challenge Lesson Study  Class teachers and year 3 pupils New To develop evaluative maths teaching  to secure good practice in Yr 3 Yr 5 programme completed June 16.  Results indicate that  practice improved. Conference  wkshp  by trained staff at Imperial Coll.