Sports Premium 2017-18

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Sports Premium Expenditure 2017-18


Our intention in planning strategically is to improve PE and sport provision at Beulah Junior School.

This year we will continue with popular football and basketball clubs whilst also turning our focus to giving pupil opportunity to explore a wider range of sporting activities.

We aim to link fundraising activity with a sporting challenge and encourage children to healthier habits through promoting and extending cycling events in our school.

We aim to identify non-participating groups of pupils and provide opportunities that will engage significant numbers of these groups both after school and at lunchtime.

Our goal is to achieve noticeable improvement both in the numbers of children who engage and in the range sports on offer in our school.

Improving Pupil Participation in PE


  • Year 3&4, Year 5&6 football clubs throughout the year
  • Year 5& 6 Basketball clubs Spring and Summer terms

Introduce 2017-18

  • Dance coach sessions for year 3- 6
  • Tennis club equipment and sessions summer and autumn term
  • Incentives for lunchtime static cycling

Improving the quality of teaching in PE both in lessons and for enrichment activities

  • Specialist PE teacher training to enable multiskill coaching
  • PE training to run effective lessons all year round


Cost of Sport Premium Initiatives

Tennis equipment and sessions £1500

Football and basketball clubs     £2000

Dance coach and sessions            £1500

Class teacher training                   £2000

Multiskill training                           £600

Multiskill coach                              £2000

Additional Sport coach                £4000

Extra Swimming lessons             £3000

Additional lunchtime                   £3000

play equipment