Sports Premium Expenditure 2017-18 – Evaluation of Effectiveness

Sports Premium Expenditure 2017-18 – Evaluation of Effectiveness

The allocation of Sports Premium this year has supported our school to achieve its goals which are to: encourage children to be healthier and to engage in a wide range of sport both in school and through extra-curricular activities. Some clubs that were offered to the children proved more popular than others. The longevity of the clubs listed below has led us to conclude that we will continue delivering these activities next year. After analysis, we plan to provide taster sessions across a wider range of sporting activities so that we can ensure that children have the opportunity to meet the potential that is most suited to their preferences and abilities.

Football clubs ran throughout the year with a very good take up. Children are constantly on the waiting list. It has enabled children to develop their skills and take part in tournaments in the community with increasing success. It has been pleasing to see the number of girls in attendance. This is encouraged by the school by ensuring a quota of spaces is reserved for them. Basketball clubs are very popular, especially in Year 6. They provide an opportunity for team games in preparation for secondary school development of PE skills.

The lunchtime pedal power hut has been open and proves very popular particularly in the summer months. The school hopes to encourage children with the ability to participate in this lunchtime activity – children can dance and cycle as part of this. Pupils say it is a good way to keep fit.

Multi-skills club ran for Years 3 and 4. Most of the spaces were taken by Year 3 children and it was enjoyed by girls in almost equal numbers. This allowed them to develop their hand-eye co-ordination, their understanding of the skills required for teamwork and the confidence to use basic sports equipment.

Members of staff completed football and multi-skills training enabling them to: run clubs, train children for borough-wide games as well as delivering lessons in school.

Years 3 and 6 benefited from extra swimming sessions and the school feels that it is well on its way to meeting the end of Key Stage 2 requirements. The lengthy sessions would not have been possible without this additional funding.