Sports Premium

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Sports Premium Funding Expenditure 2016-17

Our intention in planning strategically is to improve PE and sport provision at Beulah Junior School. This year our focus is mainly on enrichment activities. We aim to identify non-participating groups of pupils and provide opportunities that will engage significant numbers of these groups both after school and at lunchtime so that there is a noticeable improvement both in the numbers of children who engage and in the a range sports on offer in our school.


We also aim to deliver high quality lessons at Beulah Juniors and plan to do this through relevant professional development which will improve teacher knowledge and expertise. Our objective is to ensure that PE teaching delivered by school coaches and teaching staff is consistently good or better.


We have decided to continue with initiatives indicated in the previous year’s plans i.e football basketball and netball. In addition there will be new initiative on offer to our pupils.


Our main objectives this year as follows:


Improving the quality of teaching in PE both in lesson and for enrichment activities

  • Provide level 2 training for football coach and level 1 basketball training
  • Provide PE skills training for teachers to be delivered by specialist coaches


Improving Pupil Participation in PE

  • Provide netball club for girls developing basic skills exploring teamwork and competitive aspects of the sport
  • Provide gymnastics, aerobics and dance taster club for girls and boys across the school to stimulate interest; to explore co-ordination and control; teamwork and partner work

Improving on Established Healthy School Events

(To Increase Numbers of Participants in Sporting Activities)

  • Incorporate a cycling exercise challenge event into Beulah Junior’s Healthy School Week and Bike-it Project using existing static exercise cycling equipment Pedal Power Hut and children’s own cycles

Cost from the Sport Premium Grant:

  • Basketball coaching Level 1 £80
  • Football coaching £250 x 2
  • Netball equipment £300
  • Year 3&4, Year 5&6 football clubs throughout the year £2000
  • Year 5& 6 Basketball clubs Spring and Summer terms £ 1000
  • Gymnastic coach £2350
  • Dance coach £500
  • Dance workshop event £450
  • Specialist PE teacher training x 2 £500
  • Cost of exercise event £200 to include resources, pupil incentives, additional staffing costs

Pupils’ contributions may be levied to supplement cost of clubs /coaches as a result of taster days and as appropriate.