At Beulah Junior School, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils at the school and prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

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Home Schooling Tasks from June 1st 2020

Now that you will have finished your projects for the first half of term, we will be setting weekly tasks for you to complete – they will be quite similar to the tasks you would complete in school. We are also setting-up Microsoft Teams so that you can meet virtually with your teacher and classmates. 

Just choose your year group from the list and your work for the week should open. Remember, there are also ‘Daily Challenges’ on the PurpleMash and you can also Blog and other work you do on the whole school blog. You should continue to read on ‘Bug Club’


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Reading  – Pupils should read on Bug Club every day at home for at least 20 minutes. Pupils are allocated books for their level so all texts are accessible for every pupil. If possible,  please discuss the comprehension questions that pop up during the stories as this allows pupils to develop and extend their skills.  Your class teacher will be checking that you have read daily and dojos will be given to those that have read.

Pupils are expected to have a personal book that they have either chosen from the library, their teacher’s choice (Starbook) or a home book. Please ensure that pupils are reading their own choices regularly and if possible discuss their book with them.


 Spelling – Pupils are given a weekly spelling homework where they will complete a range of tasks such as: look, say , cover, write and check, cross words, word searches, writing definition of spellings or writing spellings in a sentence.


 Maths, GPS, Science and languages – Complete any tasks your teacher has given you on Abacus or EducationCity this will include weekly grammar and punctuation homework. Times Table Rockstars will help your child to learn their tables. It is now a requirement  for all pupils year 4 and above  to know all their times tables.

Wider Curriculum – Each half term, you will have a project to complete based on your topic. This is an opportunity to get creative! Your project could be in the form of a poster, model, science experiment,. The written part could include a poem, newspaper report or information text. You could also include artwork or maybe even a rap or song!

 Maths  Number star – Pupils will be set workbook/homework books every 3 weeks for Number Star. These booklets are focused on their current maths targets.

Boosters – Booster classes will start in November for year 6 pupils. Please make sure that you are completing any homework set by your booster teacher and return it the following week.

If you have any questions about your child’s homework, please ask your child’s teacher or the Year Leader who will be happy to help.


Homework Clubs – Many of our homework activities require access to the internet, which we appreciate is difficult for families who do not have this at home. For this reason, we offer homework clubs for Lower School on Monday after school and Upper School for Tuesday after school. Please contact the school office to obtain a place for your child. In addition, our free breakfast club runs daily from 8:00am and children can use this time to access any of their online homework activities on the ‘fizzbook’ laptops.

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Look below to see the different targets for each year group in the core subjects.