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Our Core Values:

Success. Unity. Pride. Enjoyment. Respect.

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Headteacher: Mrs Vivienne Luniak

Deputy Headteacher: Ms Clair Budd

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Core Values

We have five Core Values: SUCCESS – UNITY- PRIDE – ENJOYMENT- RESPECT and they are an important part of our life at Beulah. We inspire children to think about them in the classroom, in the playground, in the dining hall and all around our school. View more

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The growth of our children are important to us. That’s why we ensure that they have all they need in order to do well. View more

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About Us

Welcome to Year 3!

Our hard working Year 3 Teachers:
o Ms Mohammed – Mars Class
o Ms Shaidy – Pluto Class
o Ms Tyrell – Venus Class

Our helpful Year 3 teaching assistants:
o Ms Ward supports us in Literacy.
o Mrs Raj supports us in Maths.
o We also have other teaching assistants that help us.

Meet the team | Year 3 Curriculum 

Welcome to Year 4!

Our hard working Year 4 Teachers:
o Mrs Patel – Earth Class
o Ms Rad – Cosmos Class
o Mr Hussain – Saturn Class

Our helpful Year 4 teaching assistants:
o Mrs Dent supports us in Literacy.
o Ms Johnson supports us in Maths.
o We also have other teaching assistants that help us.

Meet the team | Year 4 Curriculum 

Welcome to Year 5!

Our hard working Year 5 Teachers:
o Ms Bryan – Neptune
o Ms Bovell – Jupiter
o Ms Ofosuhene – Mercury

Our helpful Year 5 teaching assistants:
o Ms Graham supports us in Literacy.
o Mrs Pommills supports us in Maths.
o We also have other teaching assistants that help us.

Meet the team | Year 5 Curriculum 

Welcome to Year 6!

Our hard working Year 6 Teachers:
o Ms Kumar- Milky Way Class
o Ms Walsh – Andromeda Class
o Ms Bhambra – Supernova Class

Our helpful Year 6 teaching assistants support us in Maths and Literacy:
o Ms Stacey
o Mrs Ardley
o Ms Toropainen

Meet the team | Year 6 Curriculum 

Our teachers and teaching assistants are on hand at the beginning and end of each day. They are always happy to speak to you about your child’s welfare and progress. If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to make an appointment, in the office, to see them after school. 

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Our Mission & Vision

Every Child Matters! We are unwavering in our approach which is one of challenge, support and inclusion because we are determined that each individual should achieve their fullest potential. We offer a stimulating and wide-ranging curriculum because we believe young people should enjoy and achieve in all areas. We are determined to secure the highest standard possible for all pupils in all subjects – and we acknowledge the importance of high attainment in Maths and Literacy.


Beulah Junior School

Beulah Rd, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 8JF 

School Hours

M-F: 8:45am – 3:15pm
Weekends: Closed

Phone & Email

020 8653 4921

Beulah Juniors Motto

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wednesday 11th december 2019

Winter Concert

friday 13th december 2019

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